Balance Self-Service Agility with Control

Self-Service DataOps Sandboxes empower data users and teams with the analytic workspaces they need to do data work safely and independently while adhering to centralized governance.

Foster Innovation

“Kitchen” sandboxes provide self-service users with a controlled and secure space to develop new analytics and experiment. Kitchens contain pre-configured tools, datasets, hardware, and tests – everything users need to create and innovate.

On-Demand Access

Dramatically increase agility and adherence to governance standards by spinning Self-Service Sandboxes up or down on demand.  Automate the entire process of creating, managing, monitoring, and decommissioning workspaces for any business user.


Automate Governance

Keep your governance team happy by easily monitoring usage. The DataKitchen Platform provides unprecedented visibility into usage data and order run history. When a rule is violated, send alerts or automatically revoke access.

Deploy Seamlessly

Seamlessly transition new analytics to production. The DataOps Platform keeps workspaces and environments aligned to facilitate rapid deployments with just a few clicks. Integrated testing builds confidence in the quality of the assets that are deployed.


Automating Governance of Self-Service Analytics with the DataKitchen Platform


Govern Self-Service Analytics Without Stifling Innovation


Achieve Agility and Control with Self-Service Sandboxes


Environments Power DataOps Innovation

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