Orchestrate Your Entire Data Analytics Factory

The complexity of the data, tools, environments, tests, and people comprising an analytic factory can be overwhelming. DataKitchen’s ‘single-pane-of-glass’ DataOps Platform creates order out of chaos by flexibly orchestrating all of your analytic pipelines and their components, allowing your teams to work faster and collaborate more effectively.

Orchestrate Any Tool or Technology

The DataKitchen Platform supports the orchestration of all the heterogeneous data centers, tools, infrastructure, and workflows used across your teams.  You can even orchestrate other orchestrated pipelines. Collaboration is facilitated via a single view so that diverse teams can seamlessly collaborate.


Orchestrate Tests Across All Your Pipelines

Testing normally requires expertise in every tool and technology across your end-to-end data pipelines. The DataKitchen Platform unifies your toolchains and environments, so that you can write tests in a single environment that spans pipeline steps, data sources, and tooling interactions.  


Orchestrate On-Demand Development Environments

Orchestrate the provision of fit-for-purpose “Kitchen” workspaces that give your teams everything they need to create and innovate – hardware, software, security, tools, test data, etc. When new analytics are ready, Kitchens streamline deployment by enabling remapping from development to production environments. From your Kitchen, promote new analytics to production with just a few clicks.

Orchestrate Fast Deployment

Automate manual steps so that your process evolves from patchwork to a true continuous delivery pipeline. Orchestration validates that you deploy only when code is ready, environments are aligned, and test coverage is sufficient.


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