Build Agility into Your Hybrid Cloud

The cloud is a powerful tool, but it serves your workflows, not the other way around. A data team can’t maximize business agility with inefficient workflows. The DataKitchen DataOps Platform delivers on the agile promise of the cloud by aligning the people, processes, and technologies of the data analytics organization across complex hybrid environments and cloud migrations.

Orchestrate Across a Hybrid Cloud

Seamlessly orchestrate robust multi- and hybrid-cloud analytic production and development pipelines. DataKitchen’s agent-based architecture facilitates the interface between different environments, no matter where the data resides.

Keep Teams Coordinated

Eliminate silos between teams working across environments. Automated orchestration, testing, and monitoring spans environments to keep the end-to-end process coordinated. Teams can work together while still maintaining their independent environments and tool chains.

Mitigate Cloud Migration Risk

Run cloud and on-prem tools in parallel, comparing results after each processing step.  Use tests to catch discrepancies and address them before users notice. When ready, confidently migrate to new environments one component or pipeline at a time.


Your Cloud Migration is Actually an Agility Initiative


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