Deliver Innovation at the Speed of Business

The DataKitchen DataOps Platform increases analytic team productivity and improves cycle time by orders of magnitude. The platform automates time-consuming manual work so that teams can safely innovate and seamlessly deploy new analytics to production

Create On-Demand Development Workspaces

Spin-up “Kitchen” workspaces in minutes – not weeks or months – to provide users with a controlled and secure space to develop new analytics and experiment. Kitchens contain pre-configured tools, datasets, hardware, and tests – everything users need to create and innovate.  When new analytics are ready, Kitchens streamline the transition into production by enabling remapping to different target toolchains.


Reduce Errors to Virtually Zero

Less time spent fixing errors means more time for innovation. Easily add a wide breadth of tests to your development pipelines to build confidence in the quality of the assets you deploy. Promote code validation tests from the analytics development phase into production to verify data operations.


Deploy New Analytics With Just a Few Clicks

Automate manual deployment steps so that your process evolves from patchwork to a true continuous delivery pipeline. Orchestration validates that you deploy only when code is ready, environments are aligned, and test coverage is sufficient.

Eliminate Downtime

Quickly remediate issues with agility, confidence, and minimal downtime. Quickly spin up an aligned but segregated Kitchen workspace to reproduce errors, apply a resolution, deploy, and resume the run from the point of failure. 

Keep Teams Coordinated

The DataKitchen Platform empowers your teams to work independently – and together.  Git integration gives your team all the power of version control, regardless of their level of technical expertise. Effortlessly resolve code conflicts before deployment, in order to push work forward to production with agility.  


DataOps Is NOT Just DevOps for Data


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