Transform Your Organization with DataOps

The benefits of DataOps are obvious. But getting started can be hard. Leading a DataOps initiative within an enterprise requires new methodologies, a strategic roadmap, tools automation, and a change in corporate culture – whew! DataKitchen’s DataOps Transformation Advisory Services provide concrete, actionable steps for success. Choose from among these different service offerings or customize a program to meet your organization’s needs.

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Strategic DataOps Services

Our DataOps experts guide your enterprise DataOps transformation. As part of this process, we help you articulate and execute critical elements of your plan such as:

Executive sponsorship
Your long-term DataOps strategy
Team structure
Cultural change
DataOps transition best practices

DataOps Maturity Model Assessment

The DataOps Maturity Model Assessment is implemented across your team(s) to assess your organization’s current DataOps capabilities and to create an actionable framework for improvement. Often included as part of a Strategic DataOps Advisory services.  Read more about our DataOps Maturity Model here.

DataOps Dojo

Modeled after the DevOps Dojo concept, a DataOps Dojo (or Center of Excellence) is a place where staff members can go for practice or training. We’ll help you get your Dojo up and running and provide the level of ongoing support you need, including training or staffing with our highly skilled data engineering team.  

Technical DataOps Services

With DataOps, you don’t need to change the tools you already use. We’ll assess the technical architecture of your Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) and recommend a path to an enterprise-wide deployment of DataOps within the scope of your EDP and preferred data center and cloud environments.  

DataOps Reporting and Metrics Development

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.  We’ll help you develop a 360-degree view of team and project productivity metrics (e.g., errors, test coverage, deployment speed/frequency, collaboration

Agile Team Training

In this training, we teach data science and analytic teams how to apply Agile processes in order to deliver high quality business value quicky. We also cover the seven steps of DataOps so the team can create technical environments that boost speed and improve quality.      


Launch Your DataOps Journey
with the DataOps Maturity Model


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